I had initially planned an article about what the next four years might look like under Trump, but considering that this week is his Inauguration as our 45th president, I figured maybe I should try and be a little more comical…given how real this is all getting. So, considering the big day is on a Friday, why not start your weekend pregames off with a little Inauguration Drinking game? And, while 12 in the afternoon seems a little aggressive, wasn’t this whole election cycle aggressive?

ALSO, don’t forget to register for any number of rallies happening this weekend. The Boston Women’s March for America registration can be found here.

This is definitely a beer game, you savages.

Take one (1)  drink every time…

The camera pans to Ivanka or Melania

Trump says any variation of MAGA

Trump’s Toupee blows in the wind

The camera pans to a Protester

A “Build that wall chant” starts

Trump says “China”

Your liberal friends turn red with rage

Take two (2) drinks every time…

Someone on stage looks awkward (like Jeb Bush “Please clap” awkward)

One of the Rockettes doesn’t smile because she was forced to perform

Bill Clinton frowns/camera pans to Hillary

When Pence begins the oath

One of Trump’s cabinet nominations looks too content at the destruction soon to unfold

Someone mentions “repeal and replace”

Someone mentions “hacking”

Every time a correspondent mentions the Democrats boycotting

Steven Bannon looks off at his Neo-Nazi friends with a twinkle in his eye

Finish your drink every time…

When the Inauguration begins

The camera cuts to Hillary Clinton and she’s smiling

When Trump begins the oath

Someone your with cries (happy or sad, no judgement today. Just drinking.)

Someone your with imitates a Trump “Yuge”

A political debate with your friends starts over something really trivial

When the Inauguration ends


Anyway, back to more quality shit post next week, hope you have fun with this.

SIDENOTE: This game is intended for people 21 and over. This game does not, nor do I,  condone underage drinking. Please drink RESPONSIBLY. Furthermore, I assume no responsibility for the actions taken when playing this game, and stipulate that any and all party’s that engage in playing this game cannot hold me legally responsible for any type of debauchery/savagery that may come through playing this game.




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